21752266_10210453417711840_3329792657393489323_nMy first use of the term ‘Urban Hiking’ was in reference to my weekly exercise routine—as a life-long hiker and outdoorsy woman, I needed some sort of release from my daily stresses while living in New York City, and a few times a week (yes, even during the chilly winter months) I would leave my office on 28th Street, pick an avenue and just walk. What this turned into was a lifestyle where I got to know a city better than I ever thought possible, all because I took some time to break away from my cell phone and just walk.

I’ve lost track of the miles I clocked a long time ago, but what these weekly ‘hikes’ made me realize was that the best way to truly get to know a new city is by foot. As an avid traveler, writer and former tour guide, I wanted to create a series of walking guides, tips and tricks for any person looking to experience a new city. Through this blog, I’ll discover the art, history and culture of new neighborhoods, traveling to big metropolises like Paris or Tokyo, to smaller villages in Italy, Norway and France, and occasionally trek outside the city to national parks and forests around the world. I hope as readers, you gain some knowledge as you plan your trips, and please, enjoy the journey. 🙂