20768100_10210201938825025_7670203947156306696_nThanks for taking the time to look at my website! As a writer, I like to make sure that my readers get a glimpse into who I am, what I’m like, and how that plays into my career.

So Who Am I?

A skilled writer, editor, and reporter with a keen sense of the media cycle and the conversations taking place, Kelleigh has contributed to a variety of publications in the industries of travel and tourism, art and architecture, environmental conservation, criminal justice reform, and AV/ pro audio. As a media consultant, Kelleigh offers assistance to help brands navigate traditional and social media and target messaging to reach the proper audiences.

Serving as Managing Editor at Systems Contractor News (part of the NewBay Media family) in New York City, Kelleigh developed her knowledge of the publishing cycle, from the birth of an idea, to assigning stories to writers, editing drafts and managing the production cycle of a monthly magazine. As a writer, she’s covered everything from concerts, to multi-day festivals, recording studios, to the latest releases, to more corporate stories including profiles of industry heavyweights, high tech permanent AV installations, and trend reports for the AV, live sound and recording industries. Through both print and digital platforms, Kelleigh has published long-form features, news stories, blogs, and lists for publications including Systems Contractor News, Pro Sound News, The MetroWest Daily News, The Westborough News, and more.

Growing alongside the evolution of digital journalism, Kelleigh has honed her skills in digital reporting and social media, creating an original, unique voice within online platforms. Professionally, she utilizes SEO and content management to publicize the latest travel industry news, while also following a carefully-crafted writing format to provide readers with the most important information for each story.

Ever-involved in the social impacts of today’s world, Kelleigh keeps a close eye on topics of interest, including travel, tourism, art, architecture, local and national politics, environmental conservation, outdoor recreation and non-profit work.


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