AMC Annual Donor Report


AMC Annual Donor Report

Effectively communicating the accomplishments and highlights of an organization is key to encouraging future engagement from donors. Through AMC’s Annual Donor Report, the goal was to demonstrate to donors how their support directly led to the organization’s success and moved key initiatives forward. Through this product, we hope that donors would continue to financially support the organization’s future initiatives.

Under my leadership as the project’s editorial manager, I worked with a team of development officers and content creators to map out the story we wanted to tell, collect content (written, photo, and graphic), and arrange the story in a visually engaging layout that also adhered to our branding guidelines. Through each step of the production process I would write and edit sections and support my team to assure we were providing targeted messaging to our audience, all based on the established strategy. The project, published annually, takes three months to plan and execute in order to get print copies to mailboxes by the set deadline. I produced three editions, covering 2020, 2021, and 2022.


Communicate highlights and accomplishments from year to donors and members.


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Lessons Learned:

How to effectively manage a project and consider all ideas and input; Setting a messaging strategy and crafting a narrative to achieve our goals; Create a meaningful and engaging print product; Revise and edit product according to a strict deadline.

Page detail from 2021 AMC Donor Report
Page detail from 2021 AMC Donor Report
2020 AMC Donor Report
Page detail from 2020 AMC Donor Report
Page detail from 2020 AMC Donor Report
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