AMC Outdoors Bulletin


AMC Outdoors Bulletin

With the shuttering of the print magazine, AMC Outdoors, my team had to find a way to engage with members who expressed concern about staying informed about the organization. The solution was a quarterly print newsletter, launched in fall 2020, featuring news and updates about the organization’s community.

As Editorial and Creative Director of this project, I oversaw the entire production of this product, from brainstorming the initial story list, to assigning articles to writers, editing for style and accuracy, collecting photos, and directing layout design. Each issue would have a two month production cycle.


Quarterly newsletter designed to inform and inspire members of the Appalachian Mountain Club.


55,387 readers

Lessons Learned:

While digital media continues to dominate the industry, there is still a want and need for print communications.

Design sample from Spring 2023 issue of Outdoors Bulletin.

Design sample from Winter 2021 issue of Outdoors Bulletin
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