AMC Outdoors Magazine


AMC Outdoors Magazine

From 2018 to 2020, I led the production of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s quarterly membership magazine, AMC Outdoors. As the publication’s managing editor, my role was to plan the production calendar and editorial story list, set and maintain deadlines, coordinate the layout design for each issue, and work with the editorial director to write and/or assign articles as needed. I also managed all contracts, budgeting, print orders, and mailings to assure magazines were in mailboxes on time.

In 2019 I led the graphic redesign of the magazine (examples shown here), working alongside our lead designer to upgrade the look and feel of the publication to meet modern standards and trends.

In 2020 when the COIVD-19 pandemic hit the organization’s finances hard, we made the difficult decision to shutter the print production of the magazine and transfer our editorial strategy to a digital format. That format still exists on AMC’s website.


Member magazine with news and features about the Appalachian Mountain Club and its mission.


65,000 subscribers

Lessons Learned:

Things can change quickly and it is important to adapt to a digital age. Embracing new media and finding innovative ways to tell stories helps keep the tradition of print media alive, but adds personal elements of engagement to the work we do as journalists.

AMCO Summer 2019 Cover
AMCO Fall 2019 Cover
Article layout for Fall 2019 issue.
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