Harriman State Park Visitor Centers

Palisades Information Center, Harriman State Park, New York

Project Management

Harriman State Park Visitor Centers

In Spring 2021, the Appalachian Mountain Club signed an agreement with Palisades Interstate Parkway Commission to take over the management of two vacant visitor centers in Harriman State Park (now called Reeves Meadow Visitor Center and Palisades Information Center). These locations—one at the start of a popular hiking trail and another just a few miles from Bear Mountain—welcome over a million guests each year. It was our job to not only refurbish the interior of these sites, but also upgrade the signage and establish a communications plan that would support those visitors as they come through our locations.

As the creative manager for this project, I planned out the exterior and interior designs alongside the lead designer, assuring that we create a look that is modern while also adhering to set regulations within the park. This included creating way finding signage, informational displays (digital and static), and hiring a vendor to produce and install each element, all within a short three month turnaround.

These visitor centers are open year round and AMC continues to update the signage and displays to promote its mission and services in the NY region.


Harriman State Park, New York

Project Duration:

3 months prep and installation; Currently open year-round

Lessons Learned:

Partnering with a state park requires adhering to their brand and design requirements—during this project we had to pivot some of our original signage designs to assure we met their guidelines.

Reeves Meadow Visitor Center, Harriman State Park, New York
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