Unlikely Stories Podcast

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Unlikely Stories Podcast

In 2021 AMC was approached by Derick Lugo, author of The Unlikely Thru Hiker, to collaborate on a podcast that would elevate the diverse and unheard voices in the outdoor industry. With Derick as host and writer for each episode, I managed the production behind the scenes, setting up interviews with our guests, recording and editing each episode, and managing the marketing and promotion of each episode through AMC’s channels.

This project was particularly important as it provided a platform for diverse industry leaders to talk about their experiences and how they are changing the way people view the outdoors. We covered everything from Black outdoor leaders, to women in the outdoors, to LGQBTQ+ rights.


Unlikely Stories Podcast (also available anywhere you listen to podcasts)



Lessons Learned:

Podcasts always require more time and attention than we think—the tedious editing and rerecording is vital to reaching the expectations you set for the project and I’m proud of the episodes we were able to produce in 2021.

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