AMC Charlestown Visitor Center

Project Management

AMC Charlestown Visitor Center

Following the success of the Harriman State Park visitor centers, AMC decided to transform a vacant space on the street level of its building in Charlestown, MA, into a small welcome center and store. The hope was that this visitor center would establish a presence in the neighborhood, providing the community with a space to host events as well as engage with AMC and its mission.

My role for this project was creative director and project manager, working with the team to design the interior signage and layout of the store, as well as coordinate timelines and set check ins to assure we accomplished our project on time. I hired the same firm to install the window decals and wall super graphic, as well as met with our building manager regularly to assure we renovated the space safely. Planning, development, and installation took approximately six months before we opened our doors to visitors in January 2022.

Unfortunately, low traffic to the store caused us to shut its doors in early 2023.


City Square, Charlestown, MA

Project Duration:

6 months prep and installation; Closed March 2023

Lessons Learned:

Some ideas don’t always work out—I think this project would have more success if it was located in a spot with more consistent tourist traffic as well as if it opened before the 2020 pandemic.

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