Who Pays for Search and Rescue? Behind the Tricky Economics of New Hampshire SAR

Search and rescue missions in the White Mountains are on the rise—and with it costly fines. The author dives into how rescue finances work, and if it’s still a reasonable model for New Hampshire.

Monitoring the Bicknell’s Thrush in the Maine Woods

Note: This article originally appeared on outdoors.org. Most birds start singing just before sunrise, and in June, that means 4 a.m. Dave Cowan had already cleaned up his campsite and was close to the summit of Maine’s Baker Mountain when he heard a flute-like “shreee.” “It was a Bicknell’s thrush,” Cowan, a longtime volunteer for theContinue reading “Monitoring the Bicknell’s Thrush in the Maine Woods”

Trail Days Turns a Tiny Appalachian Trail Town into One Big, Sweaty Party

Join author Kelleigh Welch as she attends the 2019 Trail Days festival in Damascus, VA.